Dear Friends,


My warmest welcome to all participants of the European Universities Championships 2023.


The European Universities Championships, as previous editions have proved, are a wonderful occasion to be together and experience the beauty of university sport. I am pleased that a great number of students and officials, sharing their love for sport, respecting Fair Play, competing in truly university sport spirit will meet in many cities across the Europe.


During such events we do more than just sport – we broaden our horizons, get to know other cultures, we promote a healthy society, we stand on the side of peace, respecting and celebrating diversity.


Being the Organizer of the Championship is challenging but at the end rewarding as well. I want to express my appreciation to the Organizing Committees, its Partners and the volunteers who give their crucial contribution to the success of the event. My gratitude extends to the National, Regional and Local Authorities for their auspices of this event.


I believe that the European Universities Championships will bring the participants unforgettable experiences and lots of personal achievements. I hope all of you will enjoy your time, and life-long friendships between European Students will be legacy of all the events. With wishes of good luck, I welcome you on behalf of EUSA to the European Universities Championships 2023!


Adam Roczek

President of the European University Sports Association (EUSA)


The University of Miskolc is an excellent, competitive, international higher education institution that is proven by tens of thousands of successful students.


Our hundreds of years of history, rooted in one of the first academies in the Central-European Region, oblige us to expand and broaden our training offer. We support the the talents, the performance and the intellectual values of our students. With developments that support learning, research, and academic life, the goal of the University of Miskolc is to lay the foundation for the future of a dynamic, reopened university that provides equal opportunities for those who desire knowledge.


Everyone is welcome to be a part of the future development at the University of Miskolc!


Laszlo Fuko

Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Universitas Miskolcinensis Foundation


Choosing the university that best suits your interests is a responsible decision. Our future, our life path, even the development of our personal life are determined by that. The University of Miskolc offers the widest choice for the realization of personal ideas, starting with technical and geological sciences, through law and health sciences to humanities and music education.

Our professors and researchers work to ensure that the students will graduate with all the wisdom of their chosen profession. The campus of the University of Miskolc has one of the most beautiful natural settings in Europe. A 100-acre park where all university dormitories, clubs, festivals and sports programs serve students’ life. In addition to learning, you can also experience the freedom of independence at the University of Miskolc!


Prof. Dr. Zita Horvath

Rector of the University of Miskolc



Dear Athletes, Dear Honourable Guests,

Welcome to the European Universities Badminton and Water Polo Championships in Miskolc!


You are in the right place, since Miskolc is the
city of sports! A city of sports – a respectable title that Miskolc
earned decades ago. Athletics, wrestling, football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball,
water polo – it is almost impossible to count the number of sports that belong to being a „resident of Miskolc”.


It is a great honour for me that this city will host two sports of the European Universities Championship especially since this event could be considered as a prelude to the European Universities Games which will be held in 2024 in the joint organisation of Miskolc and Debrecen.


veres pél

We expect the DVTK Arena to be filled with the sounds of volleyball matches, while the air above the outdoor pools of Miskolctapolca will be filled with the cheers of water polo fans – signs of the colourful, vibrant life of the post-Covid era. We are proud that the athletes will be able to train in our biggest sport venues such as the University of Miskolc’s round hall and the Kemény Dénes Municipal Pool. We are expecting almost 400 athletes, coaches and other accompanying persons from 20 universities from 12 countries to get to know Miskolc and us, the people of Miskolc, better and we hope that afterwards they will tell in many places in the world that there is a city in Hungary whose gates are always open and where there are wonders like the Bükk Mountains, Lillafüred and Miskolctapolca for our visitors to see.
Thank you for visiting us! After the Championship we will continue to wait for your return with open hearts and open gates, so that you can return visiting us as soon as possible!

I wish you a pleasant time and exciting matches at this highly atmospheric event!


Pál Veres
Mayor of Miskolc