Please introduce yourself in a few sentences.

Hey there! My name is Nelli Nagy and I'm currently a second-year law student at the University of Miskolc. I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to improve my personal skills and academic performance.




Have you participated in the organization of previous (university) sports events? If so, what are your experiences like?

Regarding your question, I used to do gymnastics for 12 years at Tiszaújváros Gymnasium and later switched to Herman Ottó Gymnázium for 3 years. I had to give up gymnastics due to time constraints but found other ways to stay active, like weightlifting, Fanatic Jump, and Pilates, which I participated in as part of the Sportélután program.


How did you learn about the EUC competition and the volunteer program?

I completed a Group Fitness Instructor course in 2022, with which I can hold group training sessions for different age groups. I completed this course because I wanted to make my past in group sports permanent in some form. Currently, in addition to my studies, I cannot assert myself as a coach, but I found an opportunity by the Miskolc University Athletics and Football Club (MEAFC). 


This includes volunteering as a coordinator for the European Universities Championships 2023 in Badminton and Water Polo, which will serve as a test event in preparation for the European Universities Games 2024. For us, it is extremely important that the organization of such an event goes smoothly, which is why we, the coordinators, need as many volunteers as possible to help the organizers in the work of a perfect sport event. Coordinating a volunteer team is not an easy task, but in order to create such a large-scale sport event, the cooperation of an entire community is needed, whose management is a key moment.




Why did you apply to be a volunteer coordinator? What do you look forward to most about volunteering?

As a volunteer coordinator, I look forward to gaining practical experience, developing my leadership skills, and making new connections. Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain a variety of experiences and learn new things while working with like-minded people. Furthermore, it's a great way to give back to the community, make a difference, and gain a sense of fulfillment. The scope of tasks of the volunteers is very diverse, so everyone can discover their own talent while performing a task.


What would you recommend to those who are thinking about applying?

To those who are thinking about applying, I highly recommend it! Volunteering is a fantastic way to try out new things, work with people, and gain a lifetime experience. Additionally, the MEAFC provides free opportunities and experiences to volunteers and helps them become part of a community that can assist them even outside of the event. With a diverse range of tasks, everyone can find something they're passionate about while volunteering.