The European Universities Badminton Championship has finally concluded on 19th of July 2023 with an exciting Medal and Closing Ceremony at the DVTK Aréna.


Over 100 participants from 16 Universities from 11 countries took part in this year’s edition of the event.


The medals and awards were presented by Mr. Péter Kapitány - President of the Hungarian Badminton Federation, Mr. Radomir Jovovic - Badminton Technical Delegate of EUSA, Mr. Zoltán Rakaczki - EUSA Executive Committee Member, and Dr. Zoltán Alakszai - Government Commissioner.


Women’s Singles

  1. Maria Stoliarenko - University of Strasburg

  2. Brid Stepper - German Sport University of Cologne

  3. Miu Lin Ngan - University of Nottingham and Zeynep Akdeniz - Marmara University 



Men’s Singles

  1. Harry Huang - University of Nottingham

  2. Viacheslav Yakovlev - Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding

  3. Samuel Ricketss - University of Warwick and Jonathan Dolan - Technological University of Dublin


Women’s Doubles

  1. Sian Kelly and Miu Lin Ngan - University of Nottingham

  2. Anouk Nambot and Maria Stoliarenko - University of Strasburg

  3. Zofia Tomczak and Karolina Wladzinska - Jozef Pilsudski University of Physical Education and Varvara Frolova and Anastasiia Yerokhina - National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute


Men’s Doubles

  1. Harry Goode and Samuel Smith - University of Nottingham

  2. Paak Raymond Chong and Pak Yu Ng - University of Nottingham

  3. Koon Fung Kevin Ho and Samuel Ricketts - University of Warwick and Andrew Oates and Scott Oates - University of Warwick


Mixed Doubles

  1. Samuel Smith and Sian Kelly - University of Nottingham

  2. Aymeric Torres and Maria Stoliarenko - University of Strasburg

  3. Harry Lines and Victoria Liang - University of Nottingham and Viacheslav Yakovlev and Valeriia Rudakova- Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding


The full results can be found on this link.


Throughout the event, highly skilled student-athletes showcased exceptional performances, celebrated for their dedication and talent. Gratitude is extended to the University of Miskolc, the Hungarian University Sports Federation, and the European Universities Sports Association for their remarkable organisation of this championship. The championship became a true celebration of athleticism, fair play, and the pursuit of excellence. This gathering not only brings people together but also highlights the profound impact of sports in fostering a spirit of fair play, teamwork, and passion for badminton. Congratulations to all the badminton student-athletes, and may these values continue to flourish within each participant's heart.


The next EUC will take place in Spain and all teams are warmly welcomed to join the next European Universities Badminton Championship. 



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